the good stuff | october 2018

Well, we’re almost two weeks into November and I realized I dropped the ball on sharing “The Good Stuff” for last month. I love these posts because I get to share what I’m loving and what I’m up to, but I also want to be able to use my blog as a way to document this time in my life, so I’m going to go ahead and share this post, even though I’m a bit “behind schedule” :)

I know that I said that I wasn’t sure where September went, but I’m REALLY not sure where October went. It was a crazy month at work but there were so many fun things that happened, too. Here’s a little recap and some of the other good things from the month of October:

One of my best college friends, Sallie, got married in Charleston and it was the MOST wonderful weekend. The wedding was in Charleston, SC, and it was the sweetest time spent with my best friends. We took advantage of being dressed up (not to mention, all together in one place for the first time in forever!) and took plenty of photos over the weekend:

IMG_9567 (1).jpg

I’ve told y’all about my love of Annie F. Downs (I talk about her podcast in this post) but I pre-ordered her newest book and devoured it in a matter of a few days. So often it’s hard to remember that God is kind when your circumstances might indicate otherwise. Annie so beautifully shares her heart and vocalizes the struggle to remember God in both the valleys and the mountaintops. I’m thinking of doing a whole post with a book review, but in the meantime, grab your own copy here.

I’ve recently started following comedian John Crist on Instagram and I can’t get enough. Please go watch this video when you need a laugh (and all his other ones, let’s be real) and you’ll thank me later.

Celebrations ensued in the McCall as my hubby got the news that he passed #4 of the 6 exams he needs to become a licensed architect! I’m super proud of all his hard work and will take any opportunity to brag on him :)

You may have seen this post on my Instagram, but as of October I was able to share about my side-gig as a team member of Pinckney Palm, a Charleston-based boutique social media firm! Be sure to read my intro post on the Pinckney Palm blog for some fun facts about me!

My friend sent me this cute, corgi-filled Buzzfeed article when I was having a long day, and needless to say, it made me smile.

Thanks for following along, friends!


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